10b goes “Glöckner” – Englischunterricht mal anders

Am 22. Januar waren Hauptdarsteller Jonas Hein und vier weitere Musicaldarsteller aus dem “Glöckner von Notre Dame” am KKSt und standen den Schülerinnen und Schülern der Klasse 10b Rede und Antwort. Abends ging es dann in die Vorstellung – ein tolles Erlebnis für alle!

In our English class we had talked about the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Throughout our English lessons we watched the Disney movie, took a closer look at the characters and discussed controversial questions, for example, whether Quasimodo is actually disabled, whether Frollo is purely evil and We discussed the nature of their relationship. It was really interesting to analyze the movie deeply and learn something from it in a productive and different way. Finishing this topic, we decided to attend the musical as well. So we went to the Stage-Apollo Theatre on the 22 of January. Before the show we had the great opportunity to meet some of the actors, who came to our school and were actually going to perform this very night.

“They were really friendly and down to earth.”
The actors were very open and answered all of our questions. We even had the chance to show them our own little performances: one group did a dancing performance, another one re-enacted a scene from the movie. Everyone really appreciated the fact that they were very friendly and down to earth. They gave us interesting tips, for example how to behave during an audition. What the actors told us was really motivating and inspiring. This meeting made us realize that you should pursue your dreams and listen to your heart, without paying too much attention to other peoples´ ideal conceptions of how your life should be. Overall they were really casual, nice and likeable people. After this Q&A we had some time before the actual show started.

A “mesmerizing” performance
The musical was a whole different experience than the movie. The stage was impressive. The way the actors showed emotions during their songs and brought their characters to life was absolutely fascinating. Throughout the show we were mesmerized by what was happening on stage. The event itself was amazing, unique and something we had never experienced before. We were amazed by the performers´ voices and how stable their singing was, even though they were dancing at the same time. We were also impressed by the amazing choir that created a mysterious atmosphere. Because we had talked about the Disney movie we were able to spot some differences between the film and the musical, which was very well directed.

On stage and backstage
In the evening, after we had seen the amazing and touching show, we had the chance to get a backstage tour with Jonas (Quasimodo), Thomas (Father Dupin), Kevin (Frederic) and Daniel (stone figure/gargoyle), where we learnt interesting inside facts and little secrets that you would never know about sitting in the audience. Some of us even got to try on some costumes as well. In the end, we can say that we are impressed and happy that we were able to take part in this unforgettable experience.      

(Klasse 10b)

Fotos: Jan Potente

Autor: Königin Katharina Stift